Paddy Clancy offers a full line of fine handcrafted custom made accordions using only the highest quailty, carefully selected materials. The styling of the accordions is heavily influenced by the old tradition of accordion manufacture incorporating lavish ornate metal grills and keyboard designs and wood finishes that protrude with no sharp edges. The wood casing of all the accordions receive generous radii in manufacture before final completion this makes the instrument more user friendly.These accordions are not mass produced but custom build to order. With only a limited number created each year this ensures that each accordion is a fine musical instrument that is a joy to own...and to play.
All edges rounded over on wooden casework which means additional handwork, bellows metal strap fitting optional.

Decorative opened metalwork grill with Celtic design on keyboard which leaves out more sound of the instrument. Material behind the grill and keyboard can be chosen by the customer as I have about 25 different types in stock ranging from fine meshes and cloths and pvc plastic and in all different colours
Grill wraps around the front of the accordion and is flush with the wooden casework.

Paddy Clancys long awaited solo CD...

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Paddy Clancy Handcrafted Accordions |Hill Road, Ballingarry, Co. Limerick, Ireland