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Custom Accordion Tuning and Repair
Paddy Clancy was born in 1965 into a house steeped in the Irish music tradition, his father, Paddy Snr., who also plays the box, instilled a passion in his son for the instrument and its possibilities.

A promising career in traditional Irish music had been realized at the age of 14 with the award of young musican of the year in 1979, further accolades were soon to follow with Munster Senior titles in 1986, 87 and 88 and crowned All Ireland senior accordion champion at the Fleadh in Kilkenny in 1988 at the age of 23.

This perstiges award provided Paddy with the opportunity to forge strong friendships and to travel on the comaltas tour of the U.S.A and Canada in 1989.

It was also through the music that Paddy met his wife Eleanor who incidentally became All Ireland Senior Tin Whistle champion at the Sligo Fleadh in 1992.

Paddy,s love of the music didnít even stop here as an instrest in accordion construction and design lead him to a career in accordion manufacturing and repair.

This journey as finally lead Paddy to establish his own personal accordion range which he is proud to lend the family name to, the business is located at his family home in Ballingarry, County Limerick.

Not content with performing on stage or designing accordions Paddy also finds the time to play on his experience and passion for the art of
skillfull accordion playing.

Paddy Clancys long awaited solo CD...

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Paddy Clancy Handcrafted Accordions |Hill Road, Ballingarry, Co. Limerick, Ireland